Acorn Blog

Below you will find exciting activities Acorn class have been up to. Each entry has been created by the children.

"I've enjoyed learning jumping forwards and backwards" ~ Frankie, Reception.

"I've enjoyed playing with my friends and everyone" ~ Jenson, Reception

"I got a Purple card, raffle tickets and stickers in Maths for doing a Maths challenge" ~ Jacob, Year 1

"I liked doing numbers in Maths" ~ Bella, Reception.

"I really enjoyed learning halves, we all got purple cards for doing well" ~ Millie, Year 1 

"I loved doing scrap play with my friends on the tyres" ~ Belle, Reception

"This week I've enjoyed doing halves and quarters in maths" ~ Adam, Year 1

"I've loved playing Bingo and making a dog house" ~ Quinn, Reception