Your Views

How you can express your views

We are always happy to listen and hear how we can help you or your child,

Speaking to the Class Teacher

Class Teachers are available at either end of the school day for an informal chat. We encourage parents of our pupils to keep in close contact with Class Teachers and the School.

If you require a longer discussion, a meeting after school can be arranged. There are two parents evenings, one in the Autumn term and the other in Spring term. There is also a meeting available upon request after your child's annual report in the Summer term.

We are looking to adopt an approach of more regular conversations with parents, We will be trialling this over Term 6 and keep you informed of the outcome.

Speaking to the Office

Should you need to address something the class teacher can not resolve, we would direct you to the school office where you can talk to Ms Lee (FLO) or Miss Cahill (Assistant Headteacher). We are confident this will resolve most of the issues you may have.

Speaking to the Executive Headteacher

Mr Iain Witts  is more than happy to talk to you about ways to support you and your child should you wish to talk about any concerns. Your feedback is one of the ways that helps us to get better.

Put your views in writing

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our school. 

From time to time, we send out a short survey for parents / carers. The survey is related to Ofsted or SIAMS inspection criteria and is about teaching, learning, behaviour and safety, and leadership. There's always space for you to express your views, too. The surveys can be returned to us unnamed, if you'd prefer.

Don't wait until the surveys, though! Please do speak to us about things we are getting right and wrong.

You can also share your views via Ofsted's Parentview website.

Making a complaint

We have an open door culture at Brenzett and staff are nearly always available - it's easy to have a quick chat with teachers or the Office Team, so most concerns or complaints are dealt with quickly.

However, if parents feel that they need to make a formal complaint, it should be made in writing to the Executive Headteacher, who will investigate and normally give a response within ten days. The complaints procedure can be found on the policies page.