Week 7 - Last week of term

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It is with great sadness that we'll be ending this term and academic year. We have truly had the best Reception Class, they work amazingly well together and have all made excellent progress, we are proud of every single one! This last week we have been enjoying the mini-heat wave, so the water and sun hats have been out. Our highlight so far has been our visit from the police, the children learnt in detail about stranger danger and all the equipment that police officers have to carry with them. Today we had an extra lunch, after reading the lighthouse keepers lunch, we made sandwiches and baskets and had to protect them from the seagulls!

Week 5 - RNLI

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This week began with our school trip to Kent life, where the children learnt about bees and made their own bread, of course the playground and tractor ride were the most exciting activities! We were visited on Tuesday by the RNLI, they gave us an excellent talk in the afternoon and taught us all about how to be safe whilst on the beach. We also had a challenge to find out how old Miss Common was, when counting the numbers on our Ladybird birthday cake!

Week 4 - Ambulance, RE and Subtraction

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Again, another busy week has been had by Ladybird Class. The children did some lovely work about electricity following our visit from the National Grid last week. We then learnt all about paramedics, and ambulances. The children loved our emergency scenarios we set up outside, we were then luck enough to to have a visit from SEACOMS, two lovely paramedics and their organiser came to show us exactly whats inside an ambulance. On top of all of this the children did some excellent subtraction work today, making Cheryl and Miss Common very proud! Friday has been just as exciting, as we learnt how to cut and bend copper pipes, and how they're used around our houses!

Week 3 - Hygienist, National Grid and Sports Day!

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It has been a very busy week, and Ladybird's wings have been fluttering! They've worked the hardest they've ever done before, learning 3D shapes, how to keep our teeth healthy as well as learning lots from all of our visitors that we've had this week.

Week 2/3 3D shapes

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Over the last few weeks we've been learning about 3D shapes, we hunted for them, made them talked about them and learnt their names!

Leap of Faith Kingswood 2016

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Year 4 residential 3 days at Kingswood in Ashford was a total success, the boys as you can see participated in everything, worked as a team and had a fantastic few days.

Week 1 - Post office and Cafe

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We have had a really busy first week back, filled with lots of excellent child initiated activities. The children have thoroughly enjoyed our cafe and shop. Our post office was a huge hit too. Ladybirds enjoyed posting and receiving letters around the classroom, so to extend this activity we wrote letters to our families, learnt about what happens to our letters when we post them, and then walked to Brenzett to post our letters!

Week 6

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This week Jack came to join us in our class… he brought with him a sack full of strange big brown beans. The children have done a great job of learning the story with a T4W approach, written some excellent character descriptions, and made many beanstalks. On Wednesday some Dragonflies came to help us with the school laptops, the Ladybirds loved playing games, daring and writing on them! We also had a visit from the giant, who left his footprints all over the playground for us to measure! - A great week Ladybirds well done on all your hard work

Week 5 - Sunflowers!

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This week we've been learning about the life cycle of a sunflower. Ladybird class have worked rally hard to produce some excellent independent writing about the plants - well done! We also learnt about Vincent Van Gogh, discussed his painting and learnt the story behind it too! We worked hard to recreate sunflowers using many mediums today, and ours are slowly starting to grow!

Week 4

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Physical development, throwing balls accurately and improving our fine motor skills with dough gym!

Subtracting numbers

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Week 5 - this week we've been counting backwards to make our numbers smaller, and taking numbers away from bigger numbers!

Balance Scales

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We learnt to use balance scales, using the terms 'heavy and light' we also challenged ourselves to see if we could find objects that weighed the same.

Week 3 - Doctors

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We had a visit from three junior doctors, who chose to spend the morning of their day on strike teaching the children in Ladybird Class all about doctors.

Week one - rocket seed growth

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We planted the rocket seeds 5 days ago and already they have grown significantly. The Ladybird Class was so excited that we spent this afternoon looking at them closely, drawing pictures and writing about what we could see.

Week 2 Term 5

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This week has been filled with Rocket seeds and lambs!

Week 1 - Bad tempered ladybird

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We enjoyed the sunshine and made the most of being outside this week. We practised making our rocket seed pots safe as well as lots of activities about time.

Learning about time

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Children learnt to read the scales on the clock to recognise o'clock times. We linked this to our daily routine and our story this week about the Bad Tempered Ladybird. We also challenged the children to see what they could do in one minute!

Week 5 - Easter

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Easter Egg phoneme hunt and Easter gardens

Eggs and Easter

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The children in Ladybird Class created ramps and investigated which objects rolled down each ramp the best. They then recorded their results. Following discussions about eggs at Easter time we continued our learning by investigating what is really inside an egg.

Week 3 - Aliens Love Underpants

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This week we have focussed on the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' it has made us laugh, jump and sing! Ladybirds have been practising their writing and number bonds to 10 linked to the story.

Week 2 Term 4

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Book Day, Mother's Day and speech bubbles!

Week 1 - Shape

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This week we have been learning how to describe and identify 2D shapes, we have used our knowledge to create 2D Space rockets using 2D shapes.

Term 2 - Christmas

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Always a busy time of year.. our Ladybirds transformed into Santa's helpers for the last few weeks of term, wrapping presents, making cards, decorating cakes and of course, practising for our wiggly nativity!

Shrove Tuesday In Ladybird Class

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We celebrated Shrove Tuesday a day late to make sure we could carry out all of our exciting activities. First we read the story "Mr Wolf's Pancake" - the children were shocked by the twist at the end! We created plans of what we'd like to put on our pancakes, then we had to use our maths skills to measure the ingredients. We put on many tasty things to enjoy our pancakes. After eating so many pancakes we made an obstacle course and had pancake races over, along and through things!

Chinese Day at Brenzett

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We planned and decorated lanterns in the morning whilst learning about Chinese New Year. Some children acted out the story of the Zodiac to find out how Rat managed to win the race, they used team work to make a raft to cross the river. In the afternoon we had a visitor who told us all about China, showed us some photos and books. We made envelopes with Isobelle's Mum and learnt how to write 'Happy New Year' in Chinese.

Obstacle course phonics

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We decided to take our phonics lesson outside on Friday and combine it with our physical development...

Ladybirds Term 3 Week 5

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Learning about Birds

Grasshopper General

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General Grasshopper Photos

Ladybird Class Term Three

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Have a look at our learning so fat this term