Help Your Child



Children in Willow Class or Year 1 of Acorn Class should read for 10 minutes a day, 5 times a week

Children in Beech or Oak Class should read for 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week

Reading 5 times a week will be rewarded with a raffle ticket.

Times Tables

All children will be given a times tables card , and will be challenged to learn each times table. They will be tested to see if they can rapidly recall:

1. The table in the right order (e.g. What is 1 times 2? What is 2 times 2?)

2. The table in any order (e.g. What is 6 times 2? What is 3 times 2?)

3. The inverse of the times table (e.g. What is 10 divided by 2?)

Completing a times table will be rewarded with a certificate (awarded in celebration assembly) and a raffle ticket.

Any additional learning of times tables at home recorded by an adult in the child’s reading record will also be rewarded with a raffle ticket.

Once a child has completed all of their tables card, they will be given separate homework to practice the application of their tables knowledge.


All children will be given 10 spellings to learn each week. These will be given out on a Monday, and will be tested the following Monday.

The spellings will be stuck in a book, which also contains ideas for practising the spellings. Children are welcome to practice the spellings in the same book, and will earn raffle tickets for doing so.


Please feel free to record any additional work your child does outside school in your child’s reading record – we are very happy to reward this with raffle tickets too.

SmarterPlay - Kent County Council App

KCC’s Smarter-Play app is a new innovative way for parents to receive regular pop-ups every week sharing ideas on how you can be more involved with your children’s learning at home. It has useful geolocation features such as local settings, schools, parks, zoos, children’s centers. It has a ‘special moments’ section allowing you to record key learning and special times with your child using text, video and photos. You can read in depth information and access useful links on key issues around child development to include areas such as the importance of attachment, physical play, and sensory play for example, and an interactive quiz.

SmarterPlay app is totally free and available for iOS (version 7 or above) and Android.